14. Dezember 2020


I går avslørte administrerende direktør for topp Bitcoin-utveksling Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, at det amerikanske finansministeriet sannsynligvis retter seg mot Bitcoin. Armstrong utdypet at han tror dette kan ha ekstremt negative effekter på rommet. Kyle Samani, en administrerende partner i Multicoin Capital, ser likevel ikke dette som en bekymring for Bitcoins […]

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13. November 2020

PayPal expands crypto services to all US users

PayPal has further accelerated the movement to offer its cryptocurrency-related services. All accounts in the United States are now compatible, and the purchase limit has been increased again. PayPal accelerates the exit of its crypto services PayPal’s crypto services were announced at the end of last October, and they were […]

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20. Oktober 2020

Cointelegraph Consulting: chain activity and bullish sentiment at Ethereum increase

Is the recent bullish sentiment in the Ethereum network good or bad? Short-term holders are now in the red, are we approaching a „selling zone“? Santiment’s latest findings, published in Cointelegraph Consulting’s bi-weekly newsletter, indicate that discussions on the Ethereum have moved from very bearish to predominantly bullish. Historically, this […]

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18. Oktober 2020

Kettenglied, Stellare Lumen, DigiByte-Preisanalyse

Kettenglied, Stellare Lumen, DigiByte-Preisanalyse: 17. Oktober Chainlink handelte in einer Region mit starker Unterstützung und stand kurz vor dem Ausbruch. Die Korrelation zwischen LINK und BTC ist gesunken, und die Anlage könnte unabhängig von der Richtung, in die Bitcoin sich bewegt, einen bei Bitcoin Profit weiteren Aufstieg beginnen. Zum Zeitpunkt […]

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