19. Oktober 2020

Ethereum Guadalajara Community will provide a meeting on cryptographic algorithms

José de Jesús Angel, Mexican cryptographer with a Master’s degree in Mathematics, will give a virtual meeting

On Tuesday, October 20, at 7 pm (CDT), there will be a virtual meeting on cryptographic algorithms in blockchain. The initiative is organised by the Community of Ethereum Guadalajara (Mexico). The organizers informed Cointelegraph en Español.

The talk will be given by José de Jesús Angel, a Mexican cryptographer with a Master’s degree in Mathematics, who has published articles on the history of cryptography in Mexico, Blockchains and Information Security.

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He has also given more than 60 lectures on Immediate Edge review public-key cryptography, elliptic curves, digital signature schemes and mathematical applications, among others. In addition, he had an appearance in a History Channel documentary where he talks about cryptography.

„One of the main objectives that we have at Ethereum Guadalajara is to generate and share educational content about Ethereum’s Blockchain, which we achieve through translations of literature and which we eventually capture on our twitter account through quotes and short definitions with which we intend to generate technical content in Spanish that is easy to read and also through talks, trying to have two to four talks a month“.

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In these talks, members of the community prepare, present and talk about some topic that is relevant to technology, from a basic level to intermediate/advanced levels. „Topics are usually addressed in a theoretical or practical way, or a combination of both, and we eventually put this content on our YouTube channel,“ they said.

„Within the talks of the month, as is the case with tomorrow’s talk, we also try to have guests who are experts in some subject, as in this case José de Jesús in Cryptography,“ they pointed out.

The talk is entitled: „Introduction to Cryptographic Algorithms in the Block Chain“. Those interested in participating can register here. The main objective is the scientific popularization, considering that Cryptography is a core part of the Blockchain technology.

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„It is a great experience for us and we are very happy to be able to share this talk with the communities and all the people interested in technology and its applications in order to provide an event that will be useful for the continuity and construction of their projects,“ concluded from Ethereum Guadalajara.