18. August 2023

Short Positions Surge in Crypto Market: Could Bearish Trend Spark a Bullish Revival?

• The crypto market has seen a surge in short positions as traders have embraced declines as a potential opportunity.
• Data from Coinglass showed substantial liquidation activity for long positions with liquidations exceeding $122 million on 15 August and $111 million on 16 August.
• Bitcoin’s [BTC] short position surpassed $15 billion, showing the prevalence of short positions across top assets by market capitalization.

Market Turbulence Fuels Short Position Surge

The crypto market has maintained its $1 trillion market cap despite the decline in crypto market caps. As a result, some traders have initiated short positions in the market, speculating on continuing the downward price trend. According to data from Coinglass, long position liquidations reached an all-time high of $122 million and $111 million on 15 and 16 August respectively, while short positions faced around only 9.5 million and 15 million in liquidations respectively. Furthermore, Bitcoin’s [BTC] short position surpassed $15 billion which shows the prevalence of short positions across top assets by market capitalization.

Fear Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD)

The escalating short positions evident through the negative funding rate could potentially trigger Fear Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD) among traders resulting in more liquidations and ultimately lead to bearish sentiment within the crypto industry.

Potential Bullish Revival?

Despite this pessimistic outlook amongst some traders, they may see this dip as a potential opportunity for bullish revival as smart investors could capitalize on this drop and initiate buying activity at lower prices before prices eventually rise again.

Long vs Short Positions

Long positions have seen over $36 million in liquidations compared to around $6 million for short positions according to Coinglass data which further emphasizes that numerous traders are currently favoring the bearish perspective when it comes to their investments strategies due to high volatility present in the markets right now.


In conclusion, although these prevailing trends may reflect bearish sentiment amongst certain segments of the trading community – there is also potential for a bullish revival if investors take advantage of current low prices before they increase again due to increased demand which could be sparked by FOMO or other factors influencing investor decisions such as news events etc…